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April 30, 2016
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Upcoming Events
General Membership Meeting
May 08, 2016
7010 Broadway, Suite 200 Denver, Colorado 80221
General Membership Meeting
Jun 12, 2016
7010 Broadway, Suite 200 Denver, Colorado 80221
General Membership Meeting
Jul 10, 2016
7010 Broadway, Suite 200 Denver, Colorado 80221
General Membership Meeting
Aug 14, 2016
7010 Broadway, Suite 200 Denver, Colorado 80221
General Membership Meeting
Sep 11, 2016
7010 Broadway, Suite 200 Denver, Colorado 80221
Providing the link to O'Toole & Sbarbaro does not constitute an endorsement by Teamsters Local 17, does not represent a division of Teamsters Local 17 and does not represent Teamsters Local 17 in any way.  These links are only provided for your personal use.

Important Links
Western Teamsters Welfare / Medical Benefits
Central States Health & Welfare Fund
Western Conference Pension
UPS / Central States Pension Info
IBT Membership Benefits
I.B.T Home
Teamsters Horsemen Motorcycle Association
O'Toole and Sbarbaro Law Office
Meeting for Denver Water Employees

Teamsters local 17 will have update meetings for Denver Water on Tuesday April 26, 4:30pm. 7010 Broadway Suite 200. An additional update meeting has also been scheduled for Tuesday May 3, at 5:30 pm.  We Look forward to seeing all of you at the meeting. Today we have 115 employees signed up.
Download: DenverWaterLtr.pdf

Denver Water Information

Business Agent Ed Bagwell contacts Jim Lockhead of the Denver Water Department to move forward with dues checkoff for our members, seeking meeting space for our members and to promote an atmosphere of working together.   You can read Ed Bagwell's letter HERE and see for yourself.

Denver Water Employees

Denver Water Department Employees now can have a voice in their workplace by joining the members of Teamsters Local 17!  Click on this link: HERE to start the process of having the nation's strongest labor union on your side.

Mayor Hancock Responds to Local 17

Attention City and County Employees of Denver: Ed Bagwell has received a response from Mayor Hancock on the TANF situation.  Please download and read his letter to Teamsters Local 17 and our efforts to represent all of the City and County Employees of Denver. Another reason to be a proud member of Teamsters Local 17.
Download: Hancock Ltr 11-25-15.pdf

Ed Bagwell Contacts The Mayor

Read the letter that Business Agent Ed Bagwell sent to Mayor Michael Hancock recently.
Download: Mayor Hancock Letter-1.pdf

Tell UPS to get out of ALEC!

It's time for UPS to exit ALEC.  This anti worker entity only exists to hurt the working families across our country.
Download: 8 5x11_UPS Alec flier.pdf

Representation in Action

Be sure to visit the Denver Public Employees page to listen to Teamster Representation in action!  Business Agent Ed Bagwell refuses to let the City dictate our responses when we defend our members.  You can expect the same caliber of representation with Teamsters Local 17 on your side.

Member Benefits

When you visit the Member Resources link, you can read about all of the Member Benefits you get as a Teamster.  Don't overlook this money saving feature brought to you at no charge. These benefits range from vacation savings, cell phone plans, mortgages and lower insurance rates.

April 28, 2016

Signup Information Denver Water Employees

Teamsters Local 17 now has a signup program in place with the Denver Water Department.  Business Agent Ed Bagwell is now in a position to start a representational organizing campaign to secure a union contract for the affected Denver Water employees.

This document is consistent with Denver Water Policy 2-4-(4).  It also lays out the plan for progression once our numbers grow accordingly.

Please take a few moments and download this form, fill it out and turn it in to the payroll department if you wish to have your union dues deducted automatically each month from your paycheck.

As our numbers grow, our strength will increase and together, and together we will make a difference.  JOIN TODAY!  Download the form RIGHT HERE!

April 9, 2016

Important Meeting April 27, 2016

Members of OED are strongly encouraged to attend a meeting at Teamsters Local 17 on 4/27/16.  Business Agent Ed Bagwell is inviting members who have questions and concerns about the layoff.  HERE is a letter from Teamsters Local 17 B.A. Ed Bagwell that gives specifics about this extremely important meeting.  This is a shining example of why it pays to be a member of Teamsters Local 17.  Come see why we fight for your future.

February 24, 2016

Updated Information Regarding Nomination Meeting.

The Office of The Election Supervisor has made a ruling in regards to the eligibility of three nominees.  You can read the decision HERE.

February 23, 2016

Results of Nomination Meeting from February 13, 2016

This serves as the official notice regarding delegates and alternate delegates nominated to the 2016 I.B.T. Convention.  You can download the nominees HERE.

January 20, 2016

Nomination Notice of the Delegates and Alternate Delegates to the 2016 I.B.T. Convention

This serves as the official notice regarding the nomination of delegates and alternate delegates to the 2016 I.B.T. Convention.  You can download the official notification HERE.

November 24, 2015

Important Local Information Regarding IBT Convention

The information regarding the 2016 IBT Convention can be found here in this summary page.  This outlines Teamsters Local 17's delegate and alternate delegate nomination and election status.  DOWNLOAD

September 16, 2015

New Executive Board for Teamsters Local 17

Read the results of the nominations and elections for Teamsters Local 17 by clicking on this link.  RESULTS

August 12, 2015

New Legal Defense Plan Available to Denver Sheriffs

Visit the Denver Public Employees page for more information on how to sign up for this valuable and necessary coverage available right now.

August 8, 2015

Special  Notice to all employees of the City and County of Denver.

Dear Friends,

To those of you who are members of Teamsters Local 17, we are working to figure out how to protect you and keep you employed until you decide to leave employment voluntarily. Teamsters Local 17 is working with the Director of the Public Service Division of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters to look at all aspects of WIOPA. One thing is crystal clear, the City and County of Denver is not interested in keeping good jobs in Denver.

With what we have seen so far, wages, benefits, and working conditions would drastically be cut to find the right bidder for this outsourcing of good jobs. Be assured whether you are a member of the Teamsters or not we are going to work tirelessly to keep good jobs in Denver.

To join Teamsters Local 17 go to, click the Public Service Division at the top of the page, and then fill out the application.  The stronger we are with your support, the louder the message.


Ed Bagwell

Teamsters local 17

UPS Master Agreement 2013-2018

Download the UPS tentative agreement and read it for yourself.

Additionally, the National Master UPS Freight agreement can be found here also.

National Master UPS Freight Agreement 2013-2018

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